About Us:

Who We Are…
Green Monster uses the latest technology to reduce a family’s consumption of electricity, fuel, and our natural resources. This cutting edge technology developed by some of the smartest programs in the world, like NASA and the Department of Energy, range from solar products to whole home energy efficiency using components like radiant and thermal barriers and energy capacitors. Because not all homes are built the same, you’ll receive a full home energy audit, and we will custom design a whole house energy program that fits your home’s energy needs. And the best part about it….you’ll receive money back from the government and utility companies to do it.

Green Monster defined…
Call it what you want. There are hundreds of names for it. Moolah, cash, green, dough, dinero, lettuce, cheese, or plata. Green Monster is in the business of helping people save money. Giving power back. There is a unique opportunity right now, for people to take advantage of government and utility company rebates to have their home…YOUR home…become more energy efficient. And guess what? We get to help our amazing planet stay beautiful at the same time. Sustainability and efficiency through renewable energy, all while saving you massive buckaroos.

Why It Matters…
We truly believe that we are all connected. One human family. One planet. One home. Although everyone has a different perspective on life, we share a common goal of keeping our planet clean and safe. We can do this and help you save real money in the process. Money you can spend on the things that matter most in life instead of wasting it on utility bills. Whether it’s dollars, pesos, or pasta that you want to save, we are here for you. And p.s., the planet says thanks in advance.

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